Become A FirePro Author!

Things you need to know

We use our own video editor

When you upload your project to FirePro we convert it to use our own software, regardless of what video editing software was used to make it.

This process is not always a mirror to mirror conversion, but you will be fully credited for any work that uses your assets.

We strive entirely for quality

The process of converting your projects to FirePro can sometimes take hours. This requires our team to carefully consider which projects we accept.

We strongly recommend you read our Project Guidelines to have the highest likelyhood of your work being chosen.

Submitted projects cannot be removed

Due to the nature of our business, when a project is submitted to FirePro and customers begin using it, we cannot remove it without disrupting their projects.

This means all projects you upload will be available to our customers as long as they use FirePro. You can request to remove your profile name, and all personal association from the project however. Please see our terms and agreements for full details.

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